Best 5 Renovating in Victoria useful Tips 2021

Best 5 Renovating in Victoria useful Tips 2021

Renovating in Victoria useful Tips Best 5 Renovating in Victoria useful Tips 2021- planning and overlays in Victoria

If you’re looking to build a new home development or are looking at  Renovating in Victoria, you may need to submit a planning application to your local council before obtaining a construction permit.

This is called a planning permit.
The straightforwardness or complexity of this process will depend on your property’s location, local site, and land features, and the type of dwelling you’re proposing to build.
Researching your property and potential overlays before the design process is an important factor as this could impact your overall design.

What’s the Difference between an Overlay and a Zone?

It’s important to note that planning overlays are different from land zones.
All land is subject to a zone that is classified by the local council. Examples include residential, industrial or rural, and zones determine how the land can be used.
Some of the zoned areas are subject to council Overlays, overlays relate to specific aspects of the land, including vegetation, heritage, erosion, or bushfire risk, just to mention a few.
With research, you can instantly find out if any planning overlays apply to your property by using, or get in touch with your local council.

Types of Planning Overlays

In Victoria, there are many different planning overlays, ranging from erosion risk and significant vegetation to those concerning heritage and character.
Each has a specific purpose and they are categorized under four main headings:
  • Environmental and Landscape Overlays
  • Heritage and Built Form Overlays
  • Land Management Overlays
  • Other Overlays
Environmental and Landscape Overlays apply to locations with significant vegetation that is to be protected and preserved. Owners of properties within these areas will require a permit to remove any vegetation, except in cases where an exemption applies.
Heritage and Built Form Overlays concern the design and future use of the property, plus they identify any heritage or neighborhood character values that need to be considered.
Land Management Overlays relate to the property’s site conditions, such as erosion, flooding, and bushfire risk. In most cases, a report containing recommendations for compliance will need to be prepared by a qualified specialist in that field and submitted to the council with your planning application.
Other Overlays are quite specific – for example those applicable to airports or roads.

How Overlays Affect the Planning Process

If an overlay applies to your property, this will increase the likelihood of requiring a Planning Permit.
If planning is needed, there will be requirements on the overlay that you’ll need to meet to show the council that your building will not adversely impact the areas that are to be protected.Renovating in Victoria
If, for example, your property was covered by an ESO, (Environmental Significance Overlay – which relates to significant vegetation on and around your property), this would mean that your council may request that you show all the existing trees on your property on your building plans, and also any that need to be removed that may be subject to an arborist report.
HO, (Heritage Overlay) means that your property’s character is the focus, meaning your property will likely have design restrictions, A heritage consultant may be required to determine the building’s fabric and a detailed report will be submitted along with your design submission to council for approval.
Regardless of the overlay, know that the likelihood of engaging the relevant consultant to conduct the correct tests will be required to submit to council along with reports accompanying initial design plans, which means initial design and construction budgets could increase.

Benefits of Using Formblok

Before purchasing your property or Renovating in Victoria take a few minutes to obtain instant property information, find out about your properties Overlays, and Zones, and obtain buildable areas for your specific land parcel. This will give you a better idea of what is allowable for your site, and will also help assess your initial budgets and costs for the planning and building process, as we’ve just noted, with overlays comes the likelihood of requiring additional consultants.
Designing your spaces will give you a clearer picture of your end goal and will also help advance you to obtain some indicative construction costs, ensuring you have a clearer understanding of budgets and costs.

Best 5 Renovating in Victoria useful Tips 2021- planning and overlays in Victoria


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